Friday, July 9, 2010

Carpet Tech vs. The Sniffing Man

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Carpet Tech vs. The Sniffing Man

When someone thinks of carpet cleaning, they don't consider the triumphs and tribulations that the carpet technician is facing every time he goes into the field. When you come to think of it, whenever people are providers of customer service to the general public they are introduced into the lives of others who could be anyone. In the carpet cleaning industry our technicians are sent into the vast realms of San Diego where every corner of the city is a battle for the greater good of the carpet.

Mission #1: Evad the Carpet Cleaner vs. The Sniffing Man

On a sunny day in beautiful San Diego, CA our friendly neighborhood carpet tech Evad is off to conquer another home of dirty carpet. This time Evad is going to the vast jungles of downtown San Diego where every corner he lurks will hold a sky scrapping tower of potential carpet defeat! As Evad moves swiftly into the tower of his next customer he has no idea of the notorious sniffing man. So, with enthusiasm and determination Evad makes his way to the 10th floor where the sniffing man is awaiting his arrival. He rings the door bell and is let in by man wearing knee high shorts and an ordinary flannel shirt. Evad enters unaware of the sniffing man's disguise as an ordinary customer. Evad walks through the condo with the man and comes to a conclusion on how he will conquer the dirty carpets. As Evad begins his deep cleaning methods to conquer the carpets, he is unaware that the man is about to shed his disguise to show his true persona. Slowly and sneaky the man comes closer and closer to Evad. Evad is so into his deep cleaning process of the carpet that he does not realize the whereabouts of the customer as the sniffing man continues to get inches away from Evad. Slowly and quietly the sniffing man leans towards Evad's neck, so close that his lips can touch his skin, and inhales a deep breath through his nostrils. Evad then jumps in reaction to sniffing man's sudden confrontation and intentions as the man looks into Evad's eyes with certainty and awareness of the scent of our friendly neighborhood tech Evad. As Evad makes his way back to the office he feels violated and confused on why this happened to him and that for the rest of his existence he will know that the Sniffing Man has taken a sample of his manly scent.

This blog is based on actual events, but have been changed in order to secure the privacy of our cleaners and customers. Thank you for reading and happy blogging.


  1. Too funny! I love US Carpet Care! They came out to clean my carpets,upholstery, and mattress. I think that it's great that we're going to be to follow Evad around the city. I love the fact that the sniffing man will forever have the "manly" scent of the carpet cleaner Evad.

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  3. I like your story, its educational and entertaining.

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